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" To be an excellent teacher you must be able to inspire and motivate your student. You must know how to push them and encourage them to willingly cross their limits of endurance. Dr.Raj does all this and more. I find his classes to be very challenging and look forward to them. Dr.Raj is a wonderfully positive person who makes the experience of yoga and exercise so delightful. It was enlightenment to find a teacher like her". By Gary & Ute Szillch, Bangkok.

“I feel like Dr.Raj has been not just a teacher, but someone who has been part of a journey with me. He is the instrument of change that helped me discover a more holistic approach to life. He is a very good yoga guru and has helped me do my best every single day.I suffer from severe back pain & stiffness in the joints. The practice of Yoga was recommended to assist in stabilizing these problems. I was introduced to Dr. Yoga & have been practicing under guidance for several months.
During this period my back problem has stabilized,& my mobility has really improved. Dr Raj has also shown me the path to a simple,holistic,less stressful lifestyle. I can highly recommend Dr Raj & his teachings." By Tony Anothony,Bangkok.




"I like yoga Class with Dr Raj. He is a person who pushes you for sure but in a nice way, and to work out and sustain your workouts you need a gentle push. His Healthy Yoga make me  great and more energetic as it is a beautiful blend of spiritualism and Breathing exercise". By Jehan,Paris,Fance.



"The Healthy Yoga class wonders for me. I've noticed that it increases my enery levels. I have been having good, peaceful and uninterruped nights of sleep since starting on this course. I have noticed an increase im metabolic rate with regular class."by Ram Sachdev,Bangkok.


"I have been learning healthy yoga with guru ji (Dr Raj) for about 20 years. My whole family has been learning yoga from him. His teaching styles and methods are very scientific and systematic, though I like his Ancient Yoga method. Guru ji  is a traditional yoga master.
Now Yoga has become the key of my life, all credits goes to Guru ji. My back related problems have been cured by his yoga method".  By Geeta  Rattan, Bangkok.





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