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Healthy Yoga is the home of Indian Yoga Master Yogi Dr. Raj’s unique system of yoga. At Healthy Yoga we strive to bring you to the Health state of balance. Our style encourages contentment and calm through asana, the melding of breath, flow, strength building, alignment and meditation. We seek to offer every type of student a truly well rounded yet specific practice. Get a total body workout in our Core Flow class; learn to re-center the mind and breadth in meditation classes run by yogi himself; or combine both physical and meditative practices in our range of beginner, intermediate, and advanced flow classes. Whatever you choose, you will find yourself feeling better every day.

Healthy Yoga treats the body as an instrument to be kept in the best possible condition. If a musician wants to play a beautiful musical composition, it is essential that his instrument is in perfect condition. He would not dream of playing his masterpiece on a broken, battered violin. It is the same with the path to higher awareness. The essential prerequisite is a well-tuned body and mind.

The basic practices of Healthy Yoga, which can be divided into 10 groups:

(1) Shat Karma (Cleansing techniques) :

Yogis have prescribed six kriyas for internal cleansing of the body. These kriyas are called Shatkarmas. These kriyas help clean the nose, the throat, esophagus, stomach and intestines. These kriyas help to cure the diseases of eyes, nose and throat. They are an effective prevention for coughs and colds. The kriyas should be practiced on an empty stomach in the morning.They are very important from the point of view of physical and mental health, and these simple techniques are also highly valuable in healing internal disorders.

(2) Asanas (poses) :
In the ancient text on yoga by Patanjali, called the Yoga Sutras, there is a concise definition of asanas: sthira-sukham-āsanam ||2:46||
Practicing yoga with strength and in a relaxed manner gives rise to harmony with the physical body. Asana means a state of being in which you can remain steady, calm, quiet and comfortable, physically and mentally.

Throughout the centuries these asanas have been modified and reduced in number by the great rishis and yogis so that there are now no more than a few hundred known. Of these only eighty-four are discussed in detail, and only thirty or so are commonly thought of as being useful to modern man.

(3) Pranayama( The Science of Breathing):
Pranayama will remove all blockages which trend to impede free flow of prana. This will give rise to steadiness of mind. Pranayama is a method of refining the makeup of one’s pranic body, one’s physical body and also one’s mind. By making the mind calm and still, consciousness is allowed to shine through without distortion. Respiration is directly related to the heart. Slow respiration occurs with a slow- beating heart, and a slow-beating heart is conducive to long life. Pranayama can remove all diseases if it is done correctly, if it is done incorrectly then it can actually cause illness.
(4) Mudras:
Mudras are special physical positions of the body or parts of the body, which induce deeper physiological, psychic and mental changes in one’s being. A mudra can be explained as a certain position or attitude which represents the psyche.
Mudras allow the practitioner to develop awareness of the currents of vital energy (prana) within the subtle body and eventually to gain conscious control over these forces.
(5) Bandha (Locks):
This is a small but very important group of healthy yoga practices. The word bandha, means ‘to hold, tighten’ or ‘lock’, and this exactly describes the physical action necessary to perform these practices. Specific parts of the body are gently yet powerfully contracted and tightened.
During breath retention, the Three Locks trigger the biochemical and bioelectric reactions that impart therapeutic benefits to the body’s internal organs and energy network and enhance circulation of blood and energy throughout the system.
(6) Reiki:
Reiki is the greatest vibration of life energy available to a human being. Reike opens other more harmonious pathway and in the flow, the blockages will be dissolved. In this way more and more areas of the body are opened to the life force energy and thus to relaxation.
(7) Acupressure & Yoga Massage:
This is important part of healthy yoga. Yoga massage has selected 10 main energy lines on which there are especially important acupressure point. Massaging these point makes it possible to treat certain diseases or to relieve pain. The 10 Nadis are sufficient to conduct practical treatment for the whole body and its internal organs. Working on the energy line with Yoga massage can break the blockades, intimidate the free flow of Prana and help to restore general well-being.
(8) Yoga Nidra:
Yoga Nidra is very important process of deep relaxation, it helps alleviate the stress and has very good positive effects on the entire body - mind complex.
(9) Meditation:
Meditation is excellent methods of confronting the problems conflicts and other disturbances hidden in the normally inaccessible recesses of the mind. Meditation is excellent therapy for anyone who suffers from high blood pressure, hypertension, premature ejaculation, indigestion, anxiety and other chronic condition caused by stress and consequent imbalance in vital functions.
(10) Yogic Diet:
A Yogic diet is a balanced diet that ancient Yogis believed had a huge influence not only over our physical well being, but also over our thoughts, and ultimately our emotional and spiritual well being. This diet can also be called lacto-vegetarian, which means that it is made up of non-animal foods with the exceptions of dairy items and honey. With continued awareness about the body through yoga you may find that vegetarian foods become a natural choice. It can also help you maintain the same energized, light feeling that is achieved through yoga.



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